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Our family has existed since 1913 and is operated with the oils and fats business in its fourth generation. Since 1975, we focus also with success in our products and PERMA FILM & FLUID FILM on the field of corrosion protection products. MORE…

Fluid film products


The FLUID FILM products , based on lanolin, form a softcoating and longlasting corrosion protection.
Without any solvents they distinguish from other conventional anticorrosives in their environmental

Due to their penetrating and migrating properties they do not only protect from rust but also
stop the existing rust. Depending on their viscosities FLUID FILM products can be used for many
applications in different areas. As well as in the shipping, the automotive industry, the agriculture
as in the aviation just to name some examples FLUID FILM has proved successful as a corrosion
product of high quality already for a long time. more information…

Perma film produkte


In the year 2000 we introduced a further corrosion preventative product on the market, named

The hardening coating offers an efficient and economic alternative for the new requirements
of repairs and renewals from deficient first coatings in ballast water tanks in ships as well as for
underbody protection in the automobile industry. From this result also different applications in other
areas, as can be seen from the following product description.

The Masto Wirerope Lubricator has been developped especially for the preservation and the cleaning
of wireropes with high-viscosity wirerope greases. With high pressure it penetrates with lubricants
of all viscosities every wirerope from the sizes 4 to 76 mm and extends by this way their life.

Fields of application: Offshore, shipping, industry, fishing, mining industry, military, civil engineering,
power plants, cable cars, elevators, ski lifts and many others.
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Only high pressure ensures effective internal cleaning and lubrication with heavy duty lubricantlike FF WRN-EP or WRO-EP

Masto products

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