FLUID FILM, an Eighteen-wheelers Best Friend Down the Long, Lonesome Highway

Corrosion in the trucking industry is a billion dollar a year problem. The new snow fighting chemicals used to keep roadways safe are drastically increasing metal exposure, resulting in a major influx of corrosion-related issues. Truck bodies, electrical connections and trailer wiring are all failing at unprecedented rates. With busy driving schedules and cross-country routes, maintenance products need to provide durable protection and lubrication to avoid costly repairs.

FLUID FILM’s soft, self-healing coating protects all metals, wiring systems and truck underbodies from the effects of these chemicals. Its slick, non-drying film also provides lasting lubrication for all moving parts and ends annoying squeaks. FLUID FILM is not water soluble, resisting splash off from water, slush and mud during driving.

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