FLUID FILM Battens Down the Hatches on Corrosion

FLUID FILM’s Powerful Performance begins with the natural moisturizing and water-repelling properties of lanolin, natures own protector from the harshness of rugged climates and environments.

FLUID FILM coatings create an airtight shield that safeguard metals in the most corrosive of atmospheres, yet remain safe on paint, plastics and oil-resistant, synthetic rubbers. Pliable, active and slick, FLUID FILM soft-coatings penetrate and migrate without evaporation, leaving an expansive, non-conductive film that is highly resistant to water wash off and corrosive elements.

Salt water and fresh water atmospheres make corrosion prevention a common problem in the pleasure boating industry. Engine compartments, electrical connections, and all exposed metals are sitting targets for moisture and salt contamination.

FLUID FILM has been vigorously tested by US Navy laboratories to determine its effectiveness against corrosion of steel from salt air and salt water, including galvanic corrosion, the meeting of two dissimilar metals.

FLUID FILM was named “the superior performer of all tested materials,” with results touted as “outstanding,” and “profound,” by different Government testing agencies, including the Naval Aviation Depot in Pensacola, FL and the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Philadelphia, PA.

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