Heavy Marine

Proven Cost Effective Protection

Eureka Chemical Company has been a dedicated supplier to the heavy marine industry for over 60 years. Stock and technical services are available in North America and through distributor companies worldwide.

Applications of these coatings have been made to thousands of marine vessels – commercial ships, offshore exploration drill-rigs, military ships, barges, floating dry-docks, caissons and pontoons.

The FLUID FILM Special Coating System consists of liquids, gels and grease forms that are produced from specially processed lanolin and corrosion control constituents. These non-drying, solvent free, corrosion preventives require minimum surface preparation, will not dry out and resist water washout. FLUID FILM is applied by spray, fill and drain or floatation in a one coat application.

FLUID FILM provides exceptional corrosion control for ballast tanks, voids, inside rudders, bilges, wire-rope, anchor chains, chain lockers, winches and numerous top side appendages. FLUID FILM will supply long lasting protection for all metals coated or uncoated that are subject to saltwater and atmospheric corrosion.

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