Winter Equipment

The Perfect Answer for Winter Equipment

Equipment utilized in the course of winter is vulnerable to the natural and fabricated elements that surround the season. Inclement weather and road salts are highly destructive to metals and electrical connections. Vehicles traveling through salted roads face a constant barrage of highly corrosive chemicals used for road stabilization. These chemicals kick up and cling to metals and underbodies, re-crystallizing as they dry.

FLUID FILM will not freeze, remaining active and migratory on metal surfaces. Penetrating metal pores, FLUID FILM creates an airtight seal that blocks road salts and moisture. Remaining slick in sub-zero temperatures, FLUID FILM works as a release agent for snow, helping to keep snow and ice from building up or sticking to metal. For heavy cables and electrial wires, FLUID FILM WRO-EP also helps work for this application. FLUID FILM is the perfect product for winterizing equipment stored indoors and out.

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