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When Alfred Hodt established his company of the same name in 1913, he laid the foundation for a long lasting story of success which continues until today. Despite the fact that the enterprise had to start from the scratch again and again – as a result of two world wars -, it is led already in the fourth generation and counts with good reason to one of the important com­panies of the corrosion prevention sector. This is due above all to the company founder’s grandchild, Jürgen Wulff-Hodt, who decided in 1963 to over­take the family business of his grandfather and who understood to rebuild the company with great dedi­cation and skill. First in the traditional business im­porting and exporting Fishoils as weil as animal and vegetable oils and fats; then in 1975 he became the sole distributor for Europe for the corrosion product, FLUID FILM, from the Eureka Chemical Company, San Francisco.
In the meantime the fourth generation is co-owner of both companies. At the head of the “Korrosionsschutz GmbH” has been for many years already the eldest son, Detlef Wulff-Hodt, who, following the tradition, is working at full speed and with great success.

Hodt products offer highest quality and economic ef­ficiency. FLUID FILM has been for a long time the most proven and known softcoating based on wool grease on the market. The environmentally friend­ly and solvent free products are known through the shipping- and offshore industry. They have proved on millions of m2 of ballast water tank surfaces of seago­ing vessels all over the world.
But also users of numerous other applications have meanwhile realized the advantages of the FLUID FILM products. So FLUID FILM enjoys many enthusiastic users in industry, aviation, even space technolo­gy, historic and classic cars, water sports up to the members of the German Chronometrie Socie­ty. Furthermore it is effectively applied for storage and transport of metal parts and even in the off­shore industry and now the new energy market.

In 2000 we have brought another corrosion preven­tive product into the market, named PERMA FILM. This thick coat one-component paint of high quality meets the latest requirements for repairs and mainte­nance of defective first coatings in ballast water tanks of vessels offering therefore an economic and efficient alternative to conventional paint systems.

Our latest product, HODT MULTI FILM, convinces due to its versatility. This solvent-free hardening rust protection provides useful for both primer and topcoat. As transparent paint it even suits excellently to maintain original patina. HODT MULTI FILM relies on a revolutionary water based “hybrid” sytem which hardens oxidatively and ensures a high elasticity of the coating. On the basis  of these propertiesit proves successful in serveral fields as in the machines engineering, automotive and construction industries and others. HODT MULTI FILM is on the way to conquer new markets.

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